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USDA Kansas City, MO Weekly Feed                   02/18 14:20
Las Cruces, NM     Tue, Feb 18, 2020     USDA-NM Dept of Ag Market News

Kansas City Weekly Feedstuff Review
Truck bids per ton unless otherwise stated.

   Feedstuff prices were steady to higher for the week.  Demand moderate to
good.  Soybean meal saw support from the higher soy futures.  Freezing 
temperatures sparked demand for ingredients.

   Soybean Meal, 48 percent traded 2.10-4.10 higher from 280.60-285.60 per ton.
Soybean Hulls traded steady at 90.00 per ton.  Soybean Hulls Pelleted traded
steady from 115.00-125.00 per ton.  41 Percent Cotton Seed Meal traded steady
from 290.00-305.00 per ton.  Corn Gluten Feed Pellets traded steady from 187.00
-195.00 per ton.  Corn Gluten Meal 60 Percent traded not available per ton.
Kansas Interior Millfeeds Rail traded 4.00 higher from 89.00-99.00 per ton;
Truck was steady from 115.00-125.00 per ton.  Hominy Feed (FOB KC Northwest)
Rail was not available per ton; Truck was not available per ton.  Meat and
Bone Meal was steady to 10.00 higher from 230.00-240.00 per ton.  Feather
Meal was steady from 255.00-295.00 per ton.  Yellow grease was steady at 24.00
per cwt.  Alfalfa Meal was steady from 291.00-365.00 per ton; Sun-Cured 15
percent was steady from 242.00-247.00 per ton; Alfalfa Center, NE Pellets 17
pct was steady from 270.00-330.00 per ton.

                                     Basis      Change          Price        
Soybean Meal 48 Percent FOB       -17K to -12K UNCH-UP 2    280.60-285.60    UP 
2.10-UP 4.10
Soybean Hulls-Bulk FOB                                          90.00        
Soybean Hull Pellets-Bulk FOB                               115.00-125.00    
Cottonseed Meal 41 Percent DEL                              290.00-305.00    
Corn Gluten Feed Pellets 21 Percent DEL                     187.00-195.00    
Corn Gluten Meal 60 Percent                                      N/A         N/A

Millfeeds (Wheat Bran and MiddlingKS Int Rail     FOB        89.00-99.00     UP 
                                  KS Int Truck    FOB       115.00-125.00    

Hominy Feed (FOB KC Northwest)           Rail                    N/A         N/A
                                        Truck                    N/A         N/A
Meat and Bone Meal, 50 Pct
(FOB US Central) FOB                                        230.00-240.00    
UNCH-UP 10.00
Feather Meal DEL                                            255.00-295.00    
Yellow grease (cents per lb) FOB                                24.00        
Dehy Alfalfa Meal                                           291.00-365.00    
Sun-Cured Pellets 15 Percent                                242.00-247.00    
Alfalfa Center, NE:
Dehy Pellets 17 Percent                                     270.00-330.00    
Meal                                                             N/A         N/A
Hay FOB storage                                                  N/A         N/A

(Soybean Meal bids are based off the May Chicago Soybean Meal Futures)

SOURCE:  USDA-NM Dept of Ag Market News Service, Las Cruces, NM
         Baldemar Ortiz, Market Reporter (575)527-6861

         For more Feedstuff Market News:

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